Services we provide

List of Services

Are you ready to begin your healing. Let us be a part of your wellness journey.

Physical Therapy


Low Back Pain


Platar Fasciitis

Shoulder Tendonitis

Carpel Tunnel's Syndrome

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

Postural: Neck and Back Program

Pre and Post-Natal

Balance and Fall Prevention

Gait Training

Muscular Weakness

Dance Medicine

Healthy Dancer Assessment

Pointe Readiness Assessment

On-site taping/treatment for performing artists

Injury Prevention

Kathak, Bharatnaytam and Gujarati Folk Readiness

Gymnastics Rehab

Healthy Gymnast Assessment

Joint Mobilization/Stabilization

On-site taping/treatment

Injury Prevention

Stretch Program

45 minutes Full Body session

45 minutes personalized session

30 minutes personalized session

20 minutes fast track

New mom special care session

Concierge Services

We provide concierge services for our patients' convenience (Yes we come to you!)

Ergonomics Evaluations

Tech Neck

Working at a Desk and Computer

Industrial Work

Children virtual learning

Doctors and Healthcare workers